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When searching for a martial arts club, Googling “Martial Arts Rotherham” will bring up a list of clubs in the local area.

Having visited most of the clubs in the area, I am shocked at how people are being consistently ripped off by poor instruction, morals and ethics.

Bad Practice

One club spends a small fortune on Google Adwords to get new members through their door. I won’t mention the club, but a Google search will bring them up. They claim you get 2 free 1-1 lessons and a free suit when you join them, all for the bargain price of a tenner!

Firstly no good instructor will give away their time. Quality tuition costs money. Think of it this way. If you needed a life saving operation, would you choose the surgeon that just graduated med school, or the one with 30 years of real experience? Would you go NHS or Private?

As for the FREE SUIT, It’s a vest or t shirt and a pair of satin trousers. That wouldn’t last 2 minutes in a REAL karate class, where people get very hands on. This is where you should start questioning things….

Anyone can put kids in boxing gloves and let them hit a bag for an hour, but what exactly are they being taught? How useful are these skills in the street, which is the acid test for any student.

There are other clubs in the Rotherham area that charge monthly for their classes. The problem is, that they cancel classes at the last minute, and don’t refund their students. The club is almost cult like, and just out to get your money. The quality of the students is really poor, and I get really frustrated that these students think they’re learning something of value.

That is until they come to a club like ours, and see what we’re all about. Please guys, take a look at the various clubs in the area, and look at the quality of the students. If they look rubbish, the club will be rubbish. Come and view our lessons any time, then go and visit the others. If you’re serious about learning REAL skills, we’ll see you again.


Visit clubs, get a feel for what they’re about. Here’s a checklist of what to consider:

  • Are you able to view a class for free, without being pressured?
  • Are the students good?
  • Does the instructor have the requisite skills or do they just punch fresh air?
  • Is there a structured progress system?
  • Would you feel comfortable in that environment?
  • Does the Instructor give you his time freely?
  • Can you get all of your questions answered.
  • Can you view their insurance, dbs, safeguarding and first aid certificates on demand?

If it feels wrong, walk away.

Good Karate classes are hard to find but they are out there, find a good one and get started.

If you need any advice, feel free to call Darren on 07786 770265. My advice is free and you’re also welcome to view our classes at any time. I have over 35 years of experience, and will answer all of your questions and queries to your satisfaction.

You can also get in touch using our Contact Page HERE

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