Obviously It’s really Important to find the right club and the right Instructor as per my previous post. My experience of Teaching Karate In Rotherham has brought more questions than answers, depending upon which side of the fence you’re looking at. From my own personal perspective, I fell Into Karate, and fortunately found a great club. I only realised this in hindsight. The club was fairly new, and I ended up being the first black belt to come through that club after 5 years of training.

The first thing that brings back memories was the black belt Instructors, and how they moved. It was graceful to watch, and the movements seemed so fluid and dynamic. I found one guy (whose name I won’t murmer) and I wanted to be like him. He was a really good club Instructor, and we remain friends 35 years later.

This Is where many clubs fail. If the Instructor doesn’t Inspire you, then you simply won’t learn. Karate In Rotherham Is no different to any other town or city. Many clubs now are aiming toward the kickboxing style of Karate. The problem with this is that some clubs are good, and some are less so. I have found that the larger clubs have lacked the quality of smaller clubs In general. It’s also difficult to find the pedigree of some of these Instructors. Are they bonafide or did they get a black belt In a year, and are they just In It for the money, or are they really trying to pass on their knowledge?

Having come from a traditional karate background, with professional bodies, and the best Instructors in the Uk and Japan, I can see that the general public sees karate as karate. What I mean Is that calling all styles of Karate as Karate, Is the the same as comparing a Kitten to a Tiger. They’re both technically cats, but very different. It Is this difference that the prospective Karate student needs to appreciate.

I’m of the opinion that if you work hard for something for years on end, then you should have more to show than just trophies and the ability to hit bags and pads. In fact, It’s only when you get your black belt, that you really start to learn. The 5 years of training is just to ensure that you’re serious about learning something of value.

I have many friends that are very capable at boxing and street fighting. They all comment how calm my approach to life and training Is. That’s probably because the whole purpose of Karate Is not to fight. Yes, that does sound cliche’d I know. An experienced Karate student doesn’t need to prove anything. And you’ll find that’s why trophies, trinkets and points are of little value. The REAL purpose is the Inner peace and strength. Knowing that you can take care of most situations, but being wise enough to not get Into the predicament In the first place.

At Rotherham Shotokan Karate School, these are the values that we teach. We’re a humble, hardworking bunch, that teach quality Karate in Rotherham. We teach a strong style of Shotokan Karate, with the emphasis of encouraging our students at all times. Karate Is very hard to learn, and only by letting students make mistakes, can we build a solid foundation of understanding for them. It’s ok to make mistakes, after all, the person who never made a mistake, never did anything at all. Everybody In our club started as a white belt, right at the beginning, there are no shortcuts to success. Just hard work. But believe me, It’s all worth It when you wear that black belt for the first time.

If you or a family member are considering taking a look at what we have to offer, please get In touch.

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